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Group Profile

Dean Group is located in Pudong bordering PVG and Disney resort. Group has branches of instrument, insulation material manufacturing, third party testing and sport culture communication industries.

Shanghai Dean Electrical Co., Ltd. is Shanghai High Technique Enterprise and leading company in range of enamelled wire testing instruments which can test many items like electrical , mechanical, chemical and thermal properties. We obtain invention patent for many high standard instruments like tangent delta tester, which occupies more than 80% market. In 2015, new upgraded TD-6S smart tangent delta tester comes out. TD-6S is more small and good look and totally automatically. Its testing speed is twice higher.


Shanghai Sino Insulation materials is Shanghai High Technique Enterprise. It mainly works on insulation materials for electrical machine and transformer. Business philosophy is ¡®insulation materials one stop service¡¯. We have a bog modern warehouse to realize rapid delivery.


Shanghai BYT Testing Service Co., Ltd. is Shanghai High Technique Enterprise. It was established in 2013 and located in Pudong Chuansha economic park. The main testing items are as followed:

1. Electrical properties: breakdown voltage, direct current resistance, insulation resistance and volume resistance.

2. Mechanical properties: tensile strength, elongation, Rockwell hardness, shore hardness, bob

3. Material testing: needle-flame , electric leakage, burning testing, oxygen index.

4.  Composition analysis, ROHS

5.  Environment and reliability testing: aging test, high low temperature impact, UV test, salt fog test, drop test.

Meanwhile, BYT testing is cooperating with UL and provide UL testing consulting service.


Shanghai BYT soccer communication was established in 2015 who is the youngest and most emotional member in Group. It is located in Pudong Zhongbang business garden. It occupies 1000 square meters football activity center. The center takes membership entering system, provides chance of communication and training for football amateurs. From the beginning of establishing, BYT soccer organize several professional football game, which help many enterprises have more culture communication. Among these competitions, ¡®Zhangjiang High Technique Cup¡¯ has become a brand of zhangjiang football game. BYT Soccer promote soccer training project for children in Pudong. Learning and playing football can help children get away from video games and bring up a good view of life and world. Our training combine outside playing technique and indoor football culture educated by Chinese and Foreign coach. In 2015, BYT football club sign strategic cooperation agreement with Hengda Real Madrid and establish the Rean Madrid testing site in Shanghai. For now, we have weekend training for children in Chuansha, Hangtou and Kangqiao. We employ experienced as coach and arrange football star meeting activity.